Waterloop #213: Lands With Benefits


Episode Description

Water scarcity and groundwater overuse are driving land use dilemmas in California, particularly in agriculture.

One promising solution gaining traction is multi-benefit land repurposing, which involves transforming unproductive farmland to capture rain, floods, and diverted water for groundwater recharge. These repurposed lands also provide various advantages for wildlife, recreation, education, and climate adaptation.

This episode delves into discussions with experts and stakeholders involved in the program, such as Ann Hayden, Vice President of Resilient Water Systems at the Environmental Defense Fund.

The potential of multi-benefit land repurposing is showcased through visits to Pixley National Wildlife Refuge, Kaweah Oaks Preserve, Joseph Gallo Farms, and Castroville Slough Treatment Wetlands.

Despite its complexity and cost, the program is gaining momentum, offering hope for California and beyond.

Waterloop is a nonprofit media outlet that explores solutions for sustainability and equity in water. This episode is supported by the Environmental Defense Fund.

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