Delivering on the Human Right to Water

We are a private-sector water solutions company focused on delivering access to clean, affordable water for people. We partner with local governments, utilities, and community groups to make the Human Right to Water less of an aspiration and more of a reality. We believe that partnering with marginalized, underserved communities helps to empower them to fight for water justice and speak for themselves. Access to clean, affordable water will be the greatest climate crisis the world faces in the coming decades. We believe we can do something about it.

Safe, Clean Drinking Water for People

In 2022, we launched a partnership with the Farmworkers Institute of Education and Leadership Development (FIELD) to install clean water filtration systems in farmworker, tribal and other underserved communities in the Coachella Valley. Cadiz’ ATEC filter systems remove dangerous levels of arsenic, nitrates and other chemicals from community wells. FIELD provides hands-on training for installation, operation and maintenance of ATEC filtration systems. Together, we’re delivering permanent clean water solutions to underserved communities and training today’s workforce in tomorrow’s clean water technologies.

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New Water Supply for Communities Impacted by Climate Change

Communities around the Salton Sea face serious health risks from toxic dust as the Salton Sea recedes with climate change and reduced supplies from the imperiled Colorado River. In 2022 we signed an agreement to provide a 50-year supply of water from the Cadiz Water Project to the Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians and the Salton Sea Authority to support environmental restoration, economic development and tribal sovereignty. As climate change threatens communities throughout the Southwest, we’re partnering with impacted communities to reduce dependence on the Colorado River, improve ecosystems and air quality in farmworker and tribal communities, and save lives.

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Water for Justice, Housing and Self-Determination

We support social justice organizations fighting to mitigate poverty and the growing health and wealth gaps in rural, poor and minority communities.  Public health, affordable housing and economic opportunity, in any community, begins with reliable access to clean, affordable water.  We’re partnering with Farmworkers Institute for Education and Leadership Development, Groundswell, Community Build, Inc. and The Two Hundred for Homeownership to advocate for investments in new water supplies, infrastructure and policies that promote access to clean, affordable water supplies, housing and infrastructure in marginalized communities throughout California.  We believe the Human Right to Water is more than just a slogan.

Water Infrastructure for Underserved Areas

We’re converting an existing pipeline that was originally built to transport oil into a pipeline that can transport water to communities that don’t have access to major water infrastructure today. Thousands of people in hundreds of communities designated as severely disadvantaged will have access to reliable, clean water supplies and emergency water supplies during droughts. We’re partnering with local governments, water agencies and communities in the Antelope Valley, Inland Empire, Riverside, San Bernardino and Kern Counties to make sure no community is left behind as billions of dollars are invested in climate adaptation strategies for secure water supplies.