Protecting the Environment While Helping People

We’ve been sustainably managing desert resources at Cadiz Ranch for over 40 years.  Protecting the environment and helping people go hand in hand. In fact, protecting the environment is the only way to preserve precious resources for future generations. 

We appreciate the unique resources that we manage, and we use industry-leading technologies to preserve these resources for the long-term.

Conserving Water Lost to Evaporation

All the water in the massive watershed system that charges the aquifer beneath Cadiz Ranch has been slowly traveling – for hundreds of years – from the high desert mountains to hypersaline dry lake beds at the low point of the Fenner/Cadiz Valley. Once the water reaches the dry lakes it rises to the crusty surface and quickly evaporates in the hot desert sun, leaving behind brine and salty minerals. At Cadiz Ranch, we intercept the flow of this water before it reaches the dry lakes, conserving it before it evaporates, and making it available for people. Capturing water before it evaporates creates a reliable, sustainable, new water supply and reduces dependence on surface water from fragile rivers. 

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Repurposing Fossil-Fuel Infrastructure

Converting idle oil and gas pipelines into water pipelines utilizes existing fossil fuel infrastructure to deliver water to rural, remote communities with minimal impacts on the environment. Underground pipelines also avoid the heavy losses from evaporation occurring in the state’s current network of open-air aqueducts and reservoirs.

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State of the art Groundwater Monitoring Program

In 2012, San Bernardino County approved a sustainable yield plan for managing the aquifer system at Cadiz Ranch, including an extensive groundwater monitoring program.  Our comprehensive Groundwater Management, Monitoring, and Mitigation Plan includes more than 100 monitoring elements with pre-planned adjustments in case of unexpected results to avoid adverse impacts to the surrounding environment.

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Protecting Endangered Desert Wildlife from Threats of Climate Change

Our unique corner of the Mojave Desert is home to the Desert Tortoise and other endangered species. In 2015, we set aside 7,400 acres of our land primarily for the Fenner Valley Desert Tortoise Conservation Bank.  Regional partners that may be developing projects that could impact the Desert Tortoise can secure credits in our bank to support mitigation measures and stewardship programs on site. To learn about the desert tortoise preserve, click here

Desert Farming is the Key to Climate Adaptation

We’ve been farming in the Mojave Desert since 1993. Conserving water is a way of life in the desert. Climate change makes it an imperative across the Southwest. From pioneering soil sensor technology and subsurface micro-irrigation to Low Energy Precision Application pivot systems, we’ve cultivated our expertise in water conservation and low impact farming in one of the driest climates on earth.    

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