Metropolitan Water District Approves Funds for Two Tunnel California Water Fix Option

Yesterday, a majority of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) Board of Directors voted in favor of funding approximately $11 billion in infrastructure improvements as part of a statewide effort knows as the California Water Fix, a project designed to overcome existing environmentally-based flow restrictions on State Water Project (SWP) exports from California’s Bay-Delta.  If construction moves ahead, the planned improvements to the SWP are projected to be completed around 2036.  We believe that the Cadiz Water Project complements MWD’s investment in supply reliability by offering a low salinity supply alternative for the Colorado River Aqueduct and needed Southern California groundwater storage.  Cadiz supports local agency decisions to pursue a portfolio of investments in water supply reliability, as they directly improve economic opportunities and quality of life for California families, businesses, farms and the environment.

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