Recent Occurrences of Railroad Fire Remind Why Cadiz Fire Suppression Solution Is Important

Since our founding, Cadiz has focused on sustainable, innovative solutions to California’s challenges. The Cadiz Water Project seeks to provide a new, sustainable source of water to more than 400,000 Southern California residents every year by conserving groundwater lost to evaporation in the Mojave Desert.  Our agricultural operations seek to sustainably farm natural crops in […]

Stewardship of Groundwater at Cadiz

As the largest agricultural operation in San Bernardino County, Cadiz takes seriously the responsible stewardship of our groundwater at Cadiz Ranch, which lies at the base of a watershed that is estimated to include 20 – 40 million acre-feet of water in storage, more than in Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the country. Its […]

The Opportunity for Hemp in the Cadiz Valley

“Californian,” “sun-grown,” “organic” are labels well-known around the world describing the state’s sought-after, high-quality agricultural products. Agriculture at Cadiz got its start in the 1980s when our farming business began planting a variety of fruit and vegetable produce. Three decades later, Cadiz is the largest farming operation in San Bernardino County, with 2,000 acres leased […]