Cadiz Comments on Gov. Gavin Newsom’s State of the State Address

During the first State of the State address of his administration, California Governor Gavin Newsom today remarked on California’s water reliability challenges and urged a “… portfolio approach to building water infrastructure and meeting long-term demand.” He also urged sustained funding to ensure all Californians have reliable access to safe, clean drinking water.

Cadiz, Inc. Chief Executive Officer Scott Slater issued the following statement in reaction to the speech:

“Governor Newsom is absolutely right: access to clean, safe and reliable drinking water for all Californians is a moral imperative and we must collectively do more to create and support tools that help ensure we can fulfill this promise.

“Together we can achieve this objective and Cadiz stands ready to do its part.  We aspire to deliver clean reliable water to 400,000 Southern Californians by conserving water that currently evaporates into the atmosphere.   We believe we can safely store vast quanties of water to further the cause.

“Cadiz is also proud to have already committed $5 million in private supplemental funding to help small water systems in Southern California implement and maintain water treatment solutions that provide clean, affordable water in their communities. The private sector can play a vital stewardship role in fulfilling a State initiative to provide reliable safe drinking water for all.

“We credit and thank our Governor for inspiring creativity and renewing our commitment to this important objective.”

The full text of Governor Newsom’s State of the State Address is available here –

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